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Comprehensive reform to help the modern tourism takeoff

Date: 2013-07-19

Beijing tourism is becoming an important pillar industry of economic development.Municipal Tourism Commission released data show that in 2012, Beijing tourism (000,802, stock it) added value of 133.62 billion yuan, up 12.3%, accounting for the city's GDP accounted for nearly 8%; tourism revenue 362.66 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8%;the total number of 231 million tourist trips, an increase of 8.1%."Forbes" released in 2012 most developed 100 Chinese mainland tourist city rankings, Beijing topped the list.

Beijing's tourism industry should be how to meet the sustainable urban development, for the transformation and upgrading?July 9 meeting of the "Sustainable Urban Development and Beijing tourism transformation and upgrading," the forum, Municipal Tourism Commission main Renlu Yong said that in order to boost comprehensive reform of modern tourism takeoff.

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Beijing tourism industry to turn to urban leisure industry

Beijing Tourism exactly which direction should upgrade?World Tourism Cities Association Expert Committee Weixiao made detailed recommendations.

First, the Beijing tourism products should be converted to the compound based tourism, particularly in-depth development and utilization of urban tourism resources, tourism products and the formation of the pattern of both urban products; need to further create new advantages Beijing tourism; tourism industry is relatively independent from the format to an integratedindustrial transformation, that is, from the traditional six elements of overall expansion, extending to various related industries.

In addition, he also suggested that tourism should be from the traditional services to the emerging service transformation."It can be said that Beijing's second pioneering tourism."From the ideas of building a harmonious society, he believes that tourism should be from the industrial economy to social sex industry, the final completion from quantity to quality transformation, expanding from epitaxially oriented growth model shift to intensive development-oriented developmentmodel, from the tourism industry to urban leisure industry.

Wei Xiaoan said that in Beijing tourism industry, we should seize the high-end tourism development, the formation of a breakthrough to promote comprehensive restructuring."In fact the current market situation, we go to China only a wide range of targets, the actual destination or to the Beijing to Shanghai or to Hangzhou to Guangzhou, which is already the market situation." Wei Xiaoan said center-cities as the core of tourism development trend, requiring the city to form their own system of high-end products, so that it may have long-term competitiveness.

In fact, the 2012 Beijing Tourism Committee i