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Congested Spring Festival market merchants pushed 'early booking discount'

Date: 2012-12-04

From the Spring Festival and more than two months, the tourism market has already can't wait to make a market race.Recently, the online travel website mango network introduced a "good morning Spring Festival" activities, consumers need to book in advance, they can enjoy the Spring Festival ticket, Hong Kong hotel, outbound tourism, and many other tourism products of preferential.
The Spring Festival travel market keep more than twenty percent growth
According to the tourism industry, according to the survey, the annual Spring Festival travel at an average number of more than twenty percent growth.Strong market demand to attract tourist enterprise to beat share.
The reporter understands, each tourist enterprise for the Spring Festival long term outbound tourism products have been soaring and Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Switzerland and northern Europe, South Korea and southeast Asia area of Thailand is hot outbound tourism destination, YuDingLiang compared with the same period last year increased by 50%.
Hong Kong hotel industry insiders said that during the Spring Festival of Hong Kong hotel YuDingLiang compared with usual to rise by forty percent, and the average YuDingLiang can reach 80%.
The Spring Festival the hot line, such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other cities start to wuhan, hefei, nanchang, changsha, chengdu, chongqing, shenyang, changchun, Harbin city ticket hot order, especially a week before the New Year's eve and people to the peak of the Lantern Festival, there will be a ticket is hard to find.
Mango network marketing assistant general manager HeJingJing said, tourism market follow the "early booking for concession" rule, every major holiday, holiday is approaching, air tickets, hotel, tourism line of the price of the more expensive, even a ticket is hard to find.
According to reporter understanding, the Spring Festival return ticket in short supply, airlines do not usually sales discount ticket, often to 1 month before the Spring Festival has been booked out or only the first class, and 2 months in advance booking, ticket will is enough.
International flights departure date is the highest price, booking the sooner, the preferential.General points early 90 days and days, 45 days, 30 days a few price interval, advance a price interval reservation can save more than 10% of the cost.
Hong Kong hotel during the Spring Festival the reception of visitors more, popular scenic area of the hotel will usually prices and full room, 2 months in advance reservation can ensure that there is room in each night, and the price will be cheaper 200-500 yuan.
Outbound tourism products by flight capacity and destination hotel room limit, most of the products during the Spring Festival travel long after sales in two months or even half a year to make a reservation, choose rich, the price can also cheap by about 15%.
This year, mango and launch "good morning Spring Festival" activities, advocating consumer "early reservation, capture preferential", consumer as long as in the December 1, 2012 - jan. 5, 2013, during the first seven days and reservation New Year's eve people to the Lantern Festival return ticket can save 4%, international air ticket reservation 1250 yuan on, Hong Kong hotel reservation two nights or above each night province fifty yuan, booking travel abroad highest can save 2000 yuan.
As the saying goes "the early bird catches the worm", the Spring Festival in advance also have surprise.In the Spring Festival rising prices and a ticket is hard to find, consumers might as well through the mango net make reservations ahead of time, to ensure the reservation success, saving travel expenses.