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Hotel reservation in advance over 6%,because of Chinese valentine's day

Date: 2012-08-21

Reporters from where to net understands, Chinese began two weeks before a consumer reservation Chinese hotel, a week before the Tanabata have reservation peak.Including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places to super 6 into seventh hotel has been to book in advance.

A lot of consumer like romance, also more care with affordable way order to the hotel.From the point of view of the hotel, four and five star high star hotel in the Tanabata is popular on weekdays.Reporters from where to net understands, the Tanabata arrival makes the hotel product "prison break hotel" order a little have climbed.Priceline。Consumer reverse pricing, hotel race single "prison break hotel", with its low price challenge high star hotel preferential characteristics by the consumer love, this model Priceline comes from the United States.In addition, the group purchase hotel is a good way for low price material benefit.Particularly in the hotel accommodation, catering, rose the one-stop packaging products more popular.Where to go online "Chinese selected" hotel general discount in 4 to 7 fold, the consumer can benefit at the same time enjoy the convenience.

Where to net hotel senior director WangJing told reporters, high star hotel in fact is not "too high to reach".As hotel reservation the development of the market, consumers independent pricing, different consumer offer different pattern has gradually accepted by industry.Chinese choose escape from prison hotel, to consumer and hotel actually all is a good thing.Consumers can at a lower discount on live normally not to live to high star-rated hotel, enjoy the romantic Tanabata luxury;The high star hotel also can be in not reveal the name of cases successfully sell room, get in income also exempt from drop is worth concern.

The Tanabata how to live to cheap hotel?In addition to escape from prison hotel, outside the hotel group purchase in advance actually can also obtain benefits.Reporter in the where to go and see, Shanghai HongAn Swiss hotel luxurious room one night accommodation, prepaid price for 1090 yuan, and front desk now pay the price for 1346 yuan on, prepaid price is more front desk now pay cheap 2 into above.In addition, many hotels in the Tanabata send roses during, red wine, tea, etc.The original price 1533 yuan of Shanghai hengshan mahler villa hotel, the regiment buys price only 898 yuan, present breakfast and afternoon tea.Hotel dream castle style suitable for Chinese couple check-in.